If you get distracted at work you must read this

Ever get distracted at work? with all the notifications, emails, phone calls, shopping etc. 1 study says that it can take about 25 minutes to get back into you flow after getting distracted according to Professor Gloria Mark. 

These might not be external but internal distractions too, for instance If you randomly get the urge to buy an item online and sometime later you start back on your previous you have lost all that “loading up” and being in the zone.

What can you do? Simple. Deep work is getting more and more intense focus. This is where you deliberately block out long time periods to work on those special projects or study that you need full emersion and flow. I personally try to set this up as much as I can! And have distraction free time the rest of the day. 

What are you going to do? This is less simple but now that you are armed with this knowledge what are you going to do? Same as before? Or going to put a plan in place to not let all this time go down the drain and add to your stress levels. 

Bit of a call to action for you and hopefully it works!