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  • Work until your break notification
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  • Break messages that revitalize your mind and body
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Track your productivity and health throughout the day!
See what you have accomplished the day,
or where the day has gone

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We strive to make you healthy and productive for the long haul.
At the end of the day you can easily look back and see how you have spent your time

Avoid burnout and keep you on track throughout your day, with check-ins and notifications
That remind you to get away from your computer for micro breaks to move around, stretch body and mind
This site is designed for that and that alone. Simple and easy to use

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"I regularly sat at my computer for hours without moving or taking breaks and slowly over many days of this I was getting burned out.
Now I have a tool to keep me accountable for a healthy work break balance"
Queensland, Australia
"It really keeps me on track, I even signed up for premium"
United Kingdom
"Stops me from getting off task with my ADHD brain"


Weekly emails with a breakdown of time used, breaks and extras
Help manage your day
Health and well-being msgs that are constantly being improved
Achieve your goals by tracking your progress
See where you spend your time
Push notifications for reminders when to take breaks
Quick time tracking
Easy to use
Finish tasks easier with regular micro breaks
Customizable work / rest options

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Quick-Time-Management.com is a tool to track your activities throughout the day and showing you how effective you are and keeping you on track!

This website is designed to be easy and fast to use to keep you on your goals.

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